:: farfalla pinball ::

Joint project with Ryan Holsopple.

Part of the "Game Overture II" event which took place on November 20th 2004 at OfficeOps, the "Farfalla Pinball Tournament" was a video-projected pinball tournament.

The idea was to turn the pinball tournament into a sporting event, complete with live feed from the field and commentary. We installed four tiny cameras in the pinball machine (two sitting on the field, one focused on the score board and one on the face of the player). Those feeds were mixed in real-time with a fifth hand-held camera and projected on two large screens.

Of particular interest I found the feed coming form the cameras which were embedded in the machine itself. The images coming from those cameras seemed to be coming from a real space -- sometimes reminding of a casino or airport design.

Watch a movie shot from those cameras.