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Joint project with Jason Babcock. Special thanks to Saranont Limpananont and Ryan Holsopple for their valuable ideas and support along the project.

Fish-byte.net is an interactive installation that uses technology to open a communication channel between the viewer and a live goldfish.

The installation consists of two phases:
  • The contest phase. Users were asked upload images that they thought the fish might find exciting. Those images were presented to the goldfish on it's private 17" LCD and its reaction was automatically recorded and scored.

  • The interaction phase. This installation involves the masking the physical properties of both the fish and the human. A visitor to the installation is fooled into thinking that he is communicating in real-time with another human, only to find out that the behavior of the other "human" is controlled by a live fish.

On Display. The installation was on display during the "ITP Winter Show" (December 2004).